Dear, leggings:

our button-ups

are your best friend!

The most stylish Alternative to a t-shirt​​

Your leggings will thank you!

Athletic leggings continue to be the immediate choice above all other bottoms including jeans, skirts, and sweatpants. Year round, soccer moms on the go and stylish teenagers alike choose leggings because they are comfortable as well as versatile.  However, at this point, leggings paired with a graphic t-shirt is dull. People of all ages are continually searching for fashionable tops to pair with leggings. A Street Stains™ button-up shirt is the fashionable and responsible way to style your athletic leggings.  

Street Stains™ prioritizes unique and fashionable taste while also considering the environment in the manufacturing process. With a better fit than any t-shirt, Street Stains™ button-up shirts will fit every body-shape. The woman-owned brand offers unisex sizing, consequently the focus of style is on body shape and style, rather than gender. The button-up shirts are easy to pair with leggings because they can be worn in many ways; unbuttoned, buttoned up all the way, or even tied around the waist.  Not only is the Street Stains™ button-up the most versatile shirt in your closet to reach for, the art on the front and back of the shirt is sure to catch everyone’s eye as the most unique piece of clothing they have seen. One can pair the shirt with leggings, jeans, or even a skirt!  

All the button-ups available.

The shirts are up-cycled, which means SS does not rely on importing products. The shirts are thrifted locally and made with environmental consciousness as the brand strives to eliminate waste in the design and sales process. A Street Stains™ button-up paired with leggings will not only guarantee that you feel fashionable, but it will stimulate a greater connection to the earth considering the recycling process from which the shirt was derived.

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