2019 Cincinnati, OH

Boo Deity: Best Artist Exhibition

Selected pieces including “Period Piece” Installation and release of Marilyn Monroe series sponsored by Pistil Vintage, OTR.

2017 Cincinnati, OH

Orgasm Girls

Three month open studio in an under-served Cincinnati community. The artist residency, attempting to bridge gaps in gentrification, was cut short due to gun violence outside the warehouse. Nine pieces complete “Orgasm Girls.” 

Artist Statement: Normalizing the quieted, yet over exploited spectacle of the female orgasm. Nine pieces exploring the collective need for each person to seek pleasure, regardless of social status or race. 

2016 TriBeCa, NY

Daddy Issues

Debut of “Headless Girls” series including “Mary Gets Around” installation at A&E Studio.

Artist Statement: Twelve faces exploring the angles of the female face, furthermore a study of artistic decisions; such as color and proportion, that convinces the viewer to see beauty.


Interactive story of 3 babes on their way to an apocalypse triggered by QR code. 

2018 USA

STREET STAINS™ National Tour

Cincinnati, OH | Boston, MA | Estes Park, CO| Denver, CO| Los Angeles, CA | Louisville, KY 

2019 Miami Beach, FL

Art Basel Pop-up Show

Sold out “Orgasm Girls” original and “Marilyn Monroe” prints in 4 hours.

2015-2016 USA

Mary Gets Around: A Traveling Installation

A huge (110 in. x 36 in.) self portrait traveling across the US from Nantucket, MA to San Diego, CA and back through New York, NY. Installed in six Airbnb homes and four monumental US landscapes including White Sands, NM and the Río Grande. 

Artist Statement: To see the limitations and meaning of “space” based on a large piece of fine art traveling as precious cargo throughout the US. Captured with Google 360° technology.  

Nantucket, MA | Denver, CO | San Diego, CA| Tucson, AZ| Taos, NM | TriBeCa, NYC 


Boo Deity is girlfriend to the world. 

Established Pop-Art Painter since 2016, Boo dedicates her artwork to those who feels their own creativity is unheard. Painting beauty in an ugly world is her inspiration. Boo’s devotion to painting is a dedication to rewriting her family’s history of mental illness without relying on medication.

Boo is in her High School basketball Hall of Fame. She played NCAA basketball and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in English Literature and minor in International Art. 

Boo founded a proprietary printing AND sewing technique used in her fashion line Street Stains™–which uses art to make #stained clothes wearable again. The brand has been featured nationally in over 200 street markets.

She sold over 2 million dollars of Contemporary Art as an Art Consultant and aims to sell one of her original pieces of art for over $45 Million dollars to break the record for the most expensive painting by a female artist (Georgia O’Keeffe, 1932 Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1).

Gone insane for art…and you… since 2016. Boo loves you. 

Pop Art Painter

Owner Street Stains™

Vocalist for @thethirdthing 

You can call me boo