If you’re a weirdo, you will be able to see yourself in all the Norm characters. The doe-eyed avatar originated as a digital rendering of a Marilyn Monroe painting. As the face of the project developed into 100 different characters, one thing remained the same;
There is more to us than meets the eye. 

None of us feel like the skin we are in. Monroe, for example, was a beloved Hollywood star, yet, on the inside she was tormented by inescapable demons. 

You will find some of your inner self with these truly unique characters. 

Norms NFT
Original Monroe Painting Suite

Norms celebrate acceptance of self and the audacity it takes to just be you!

“Norm Avatar are anything BUT normal.”

Based on the beloved Marilyn Monroe painting suite by Boo Deity. Just like Norma Jeane, these Norm are just as loved on the outside as they are tormented on the inside. We can use our avatar to disguise a heavy heart. 

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Dear Norm,
You always said you’re just a normal person, trying to let the crazy out.  That your skin could never reflect the dynamic weirdo within.  I hope this avatar (or whatever it is) will help you feel like a better version of you. 
Truthfully, although I never told you this, you’re perfect just the way you are. 

Your girlfriend,



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What is our obsession with seeing celebrities naked? Connecting the concepts of celebrity and media, Boo Deity uses her tongue-in-cheek humor to point out incongruencies with societal norms.

June 6 2021

Zero shame periods. Period.

April 7 2021