when 60 Norms sell:

The Fitting Room is OPEN!  Your Norm Token gives access to upgrade your traits (eg. glasses, beards, tattoos) in the mirror at The Vanity.

when 90 Norms sell:

The Party Favor Bidet is OPEN! Your Norm token gives you access to The Bidet Toilet where your Norm can relax on a beautiful custom toilet and pick out party favors! 

when 290 Norms sell:

Street Stains™ outfits your Norm! Your Norm token gives you access to The Walk-in Wardrobe where you’ll pick out your outfit (Does this mean we get to pick a Norm body too?)!!!

Your Norm Token is the cost of one Norm. 
Norms are released 30 at a time, and their traits are based on your customization. Do what you want with your Norm avatar! Or, pick up FREE traits (png's)


On the inside, we are complicated. We are blood and guts and emotions! On the outside, we’re all just… NORMAL!
 The Norms project is inspired by the Mairlyn Monroe Suite paintings by Boo Deity (below). Marilyn Monroe or Norma Jeane was just as loved on the outside as she was tormented on the inside. Beauty often disguises a heavy heart. Norms is a series that celebrates normal.

Dear Norm,
You always said you’re just a normal person, trying to let the crazy out.  That your skin could never reflect the dynamic weirdo within.  I hope this avatar (or whatever it is) will help you feel like a better version of you. 
Truthfully, although I never told you this, you’re perfect just the way you are. 

Your girlfriend,



Other NFTs:

What is our obsession with seeing celebrities naked? Connecting the concepts of celebrity and media, Boo Deity uses her tongue-in-cheek humor to point out incongruencies with societal norms.

June 6 2021

Zero shame periods. Period.

April 7 2021