SS™ Revolutionary Sizing

...yeah, that means YOU!


Staying hip to the times?


Each piece of clothing comes with the responsibility of just bein' yourself. That's because at the heart of each SS™ piece is acceptance.
Every time you slide into a Street Stains™ fit, you will feel the groovy power of being loved back by your clothing.  
That's why flannel button-ups were the very first design concept in 2016.

Flannels have the unique ability to make you feel like you're right at home, even if you're in the streets.  The comfort of being accepted became the founding concept of design, and has been expressed in every creation.

At Street Stains™, we believe that FIT is the most important aspect of your outfit.

During the checkout process, keep in mind that we are considering the size of ALL homo sapiens, so, typically the fit is marked to fit unisex.