Marilyn 3 Painting


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.: 23 in. x 26 in. diameter

.: Fine art painting stretched on a vintage embroidery hoop, using vintage fabric as the canvas, acrylic paint, and spray paint.

.: Boo Deity owns this image. Please do not use without consent.


Having painted many faces over the course of her career, Boo Deity fell in love with Marilyn Monroe the moment she first sketched the classic smile and sensual eye of Norma Jean.  Her beauty and sublime feminine force changed the way business women in Hollywood exerted their careers forward as equals.

“Marilyn 3” painting is a flamboyantly pretty depiction of Monroe, represented in the vintage jacquard brocade woven material and the confidence of her eyes.  The pink fabric flirts below her neck as a nod to the famous image by Garry Winogrand, where the breeze of the street grate lifted Monroe’s dress up to the sky and Winogrand captured a moment in history.

The angles and curves of Monroe’s face became the muse of so many artists before Boo Deity including Milton Greene and Andy Warhol. The subject of her beauty is thrust in the back of ones’ mind immediately, remembering Monroe’s death; wrought with controversy, and forgetting her wonderful face for just moments. Beauty becomes a universal language of lies, as the sadness of reality surfaces. Behind beauty there is a deceptive truth of struggle. The concept that Boo chases with her paintbrush continues; there is no pure beauty.

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