Madame Nhu Painting

.: 35 in. x 42 in. diameter

.: Fine art painting stretched on a vintage embroidery hoop, using vintage fabric as the canvas, acrylic paint, and spray paint.

.: Boo Deity owns this image. Please do not use without consent.


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Painted on raw canvas with period blood, Boo Deity recognizes there is no thanks in being female. A period every month is understated in the life of women. The appeal of a naturally limited piece of art is endless. Women go through menopause and lose their ability to have children. With the built-in limited edition of her lifelong period blood, Boo paints a naturally original piece of artwork.

An angry tiger ready for attack sarcastically obscured by a sexy little “revolutionary’s” period-soiled bathing suit and Madame Nhu in the foreground, confidently teaching women how to shoot. Mimicking the simplicity of brush strokes in oriental art, the medium is gathered period blood applied like ink with both paintbrushes and tampons. The blood is reference to the painful period cycle females have in common and the struggle of equality that remains today wherein a woman shall not be too direct, stern, or radical for fear of society’s inequitable labels.

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Dimensions 50 × 3 × 47 in