.: 23 in. diameter

.: Fine art painting stretched on a vintage embroidery hoop, using vintage fabric as the canvas, acrylic paint, and spray paint.

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The legacy of Frida Kahlo lives on forever in the art world, yet her life remains inspiring to anyone who has every felt disadvantaged in some way. As a disabled woman for most of her life, Frida turned to painting to make the time pass and to relieve the countless hours of pain she was experiencing. A bus accident left her disabled and unable to bear children. While her love, Diego Rivera, was a well known artist in Mexico, Frida’s work wasn’t fully celebrated until after her death at age 47. Frida is an inspiration to anyone who is disabled in some way. Some of us are physically disabled, or mentally, others carry the weight of a societal pressure that leaves them feeling disabled and unable achieve goals. Frida’s life is an inspiration, her story will be told for generations to come and her work is celebrated in galleries across the world.



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