Black Chick Framed Painting

All the beer I drank during Covid-19…

The subject of this piece are the words. In hand-painted style, “Black Pussy Matters” speaks for the caring ways in which black women have used their hands, some have made it into history books, others never will. For an example: With care, corn kernels and rice were braided into hair of slaves that traveled the Underground Railroad fighting the war of freedom–fighting for her life. With care. With her hands. The rags were wrung out and the clothes were folded, with her hands. The small text “rag” is placed in the center. While the color of the piece is pink, the word rag draws a visual connection to the poverty, homelessness, and struggle she has fought over centuries. The color pink is associated with Disney princesses and is most often the color vaginas are portrayed. In this painting, Boo uses pink to accomplish irony: painting with this feminine color and denouncing the colors that are NOT used to represent the vagina in art–brown, dark purple, blue.

The Budweiser beer box was the perfect surface for this seriously genius series. During 2020, every person at some point thought the world would end for this or that reason. Maybe addiction got the best of you? Or was it the televised civil injustices? Maybe the threat of loneliness while in total isolation? This up-cycled 24 pack shines with a subtle Louis Vuitton stencil in the background, and one chick mirroring another.

All the beer I drank during the Covid-19 Pandemic shut down. Second painting in a series. 72 beers doesn’t seem like a lot of alcohol for nearly 10 months of drinking. But when we have a drink together, you’ll know that my order is usually a Manhattan. Beer before liquor?– that’s how it goes, right?


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.: 36 in x 24 in x 2.5 in.

.: FRAMED- Modern square, white frame, acrylic cover.

.: This is a hand-painted box created with Montana spray paint,  and Golden Acrylic paints. The lite surface sealer is archival (lasting for 100+ years in this same condition).

.: Do not leave in direct sunlight for hours all. Do not install outside.

.: Boo Deity owns this image. Do NOT use or copy without consent.

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